City Seizure Function Update Announcement

[ News ]   2012-04-16 16:39:00     

Dear players,


Since the new City Seizure function was added to the game, we have received a lot of feedback. To make this function more appealing, we have decided to implement the following changeson April 19, 2012:


1. Add the Military Discharge event. The Tent will have a cap (upper limit) and be upgradable. The troops that exceed the capacity of the Tent will be discharged from the military automatically. These discharged troops will be converted into resources (population not included) and be returned to the players.

2. Modify the Prestige attained or lost after battles.

3. Add an upper limit to the Damage of skills generated by combining certain War Elements.


Please feel free to leave any comment or critique on these changes in this thread! We'd like to know what's on your mind. Thanks for your huge support for Castlot!


Castlot Team