Introducing the New City Interface

[ News ]   2013-04-26 13:00:56     
Extra! Extra! Your city is undergoing a major facelift, or rather, a more profound transformation! Do you hear the rumbling sound coming from the ground beneath your feet? That's because the ground is shifting. Thanks to that small naughty rodent's obsessive chasing and stashing of acorns, now not only the place where the mammoths live, but also the old continent of Castlot will not be in one piece anymore. 

Though we don't have the means to investigate the new landscape of the entire globe after the continental drift, we manage to examine it from a local perspective using ancient wisdom. Take a seat before you look at the oil paintings we drew from a hot air balloon while flying over a city.

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Benefits of the Change
If we compare the good old city interface to the delicate face of an oriental woman, then the new interface is more like the face of a Caucasian beauty with more prominent angles. There are many benefits of the change, some of which include:
a. Big, clear, improved gaming experience. Icons and buttons on the new city interface are enlarged compared with the old one. Words and numbers are more legible. It is generally a more user-friendly design.    
b. More mysteries intriguing boundless imagination. You will find the Sundial, pillars, a strange rock used to be seen in Explore, a cave blocked by chains, and docks on the beach. Are they merely decorations or secret entrances to other dimensions? Time will tell.  

c. Modern interface revealing better city planning. There are more eye pleasing features, for example, a river coming from the mountains and running all the way to the sea, bridges and staircases connecting different blocks, fountains and ponds, statues and well-planned greenery, and a blazing rolled-out red carpet, etc.  

Some Collateral Changes
Here are a few other changes you will find:
a. The layout of the icons representing the main and sub cities, dialogues, goals and Excalibur are changed slightly. There are little stars under the Patron Beast icon indicating its level. The tiny boomerang beside the server time is a clickable button. By clicking it, a menu will be revealed and you can check out the contents like protection countdown and remaining life potion amount. 

b. The Exp bar has been moved to a new position and been elongated.

c. The Scrolls panel has been redesigned too, as you can imagine. The Use and Synthesize buttons are now directly seated at the bottom right of the Scrolls panel. The rules of using scrolls and cards remain the same. 

Getting started
We hope you enjoy the new city interface as much as we do. And as always, we would love to hear feedback and suggestions (click to post comments in forum) from you on how we can improve the game even more. Change is necessary even though you may find it challenging to keep up. This change of interface may just be a jumping off point with more to come. Let's wait and see! 

Castlot Team



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